Bears with Quilts, and More

Each original bear has his own quilt to keep him warm on those cold Montana nights. Our banner grizzly at top has moved on to a good home, but still in the family. However, the bears and dolls below are available for adoption.

We do not stock bears and dolls: each is a one-of-a-kind creation. If you want a special bear or to have a bear made from your old wool or fur coat, contact us.

Our stuffed products also include throw pillows in a variety of techniques: some feature quilt blocks, and some are made from recycled clothing and upholstery samples. Many of the samples shown below are available for sale at West Fork Mountain Crafts, Conner, Montana, an unique shop featuring ethnic beadwork, needle baskets, paintings, and other artwork and crafts from local Native American and Montana artists.

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A collection of various sized bolsters and throw pillows, made from quilt blocks, upholstery fabrics, faux fur, wool, and faux leather.

See at West Fork Moutain Crafts.

A 14-inch throw pillow featuring a moose motif, made from a recycled wool coat.

See at West Fork Mountain Crafts.

A 14-inch throw pillow, featuring bears fishing, made from a recycled wool coat and upholstery samples.

See at West Fork Mountain Crafts.

This large bear with vest and quilt was a commission, constructed from the customer's old sheared sheepskin coat. The paw pads are reversed pieces of fur. The bear is a one-of-a-kind original design to maximize use of the material. The buttons on the vest are the original coat buttons.


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